In any industry there is a strong tendency to stick with “what has worked in the past”.  Publishing is no exception to this rule. There is a great deal of cost, risk, and effort in bringing a new book, record, or video to market. Publishers and literary agents are often difficult to contact and get a commitment from.

There is no question that it’s a sure bet to bring out another Steven King novel or another Harry Potter book. The problem is that Steven King won’t live forever and the industry is bypassing some of the best new talent available by sticking with the tried and true.

The other issue I see is that by playing it safe, many industry insiders are missing out on what I consider a hot new trend. Consumers and book buyers today have a lot of media vying for their dollars and leisure time. There are movies, videos, pay for view, magazines, and not to mention the internet and blogging.

Most consumers lead busy lives and find it hard to devote hours of time to reading a good book. My feeling is that stories, articles, and information that can be consumed in short time frames representing the new emerging market. Creative writing such as blogs and short stories fit this need very well.

There are certainly no shortages of readers or writers in this genre as evidenced by the over 130 million blogs on the internet. Granted, a great many of these blogs are “one time wonders”, but there are also some very substantial bodies of work out there that are largely overlooked.

My new web site: is designed to gain exposure for these new writers and to help them market their work to a rapidly growing market. The on line store is also designed to market music, and videos. You can list and sell your work immediately with very little cost or risk. Join the creative revolution.

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I’ve heard a lot of people say that creative people are born with a talent, and that may be true. It’s been my experience that creative people do what they do because they have a passion for it. They actual love what they are doing.

Of course many of us are motivated by money or fame, that’s only human nature. Maybe I’m wrong on this but when I hear great music, see great art, or read great literature; I get the sense that the artist loves his work. It really doesn’t matter if you perform your work in a multi-million dollar studio or just jam with the boys in the garage.

The passion for the work is what drives the constant practice, the striving to make the work the best possible, the long hours. The love of the work is what has us creating new material after a long work week at our 9-5 job. The passion is what wakes us up in the middle of the night to jot down an idea or call a friend. Our writing or music becomes part of who we are.

I’ve found that when you love doing something it ceases to be work. Sure we all take a break from doing even the things we love, but they tend to call for us. The next thing you know we are back behind the keyboard or the microphone or the canvas, doing what we love.

I think to a large extent, we create for ourselves; it gives us an inner satisfaction. Beyond that, I believe that we all seek ratification or approval from others to validate our work. It’s comforting to know that others approve and find our work equally as enjoyable.

At some point I think most of us would like to receive some monetary gain from our labors. When someone else is willing to pay for our ideas and creativity it confirms our sense of worth. Unfortunately most talented authors and musicians never get to monetize their work. There are many obstacles and roadblocks that can prevent even the most talented individual from gaining notoriety, fame, and wealth from his or her creative efforts.

I have developed a web site that helps market the work of new authors and artists. You now have an opportunity to have your work exposed to a large audience and also have a low risk way to sell your material. You maintain owner ship of your work, you set the sale price, and you keep the majority of the profits. Submit your writing, music, or videos today.

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Dear Potential Employer:

I would like the opportunity to introduce myself and my work. I have been writing seriously for 3 years now, and would like to pursue a career as an author. I realize that you get inundated with requests from many potential new writers. I’m sure you receive hundreds of manuscripts, and unsolicited submissions but I want you to know that I’m different. All of my family and friends tell me that my work is very good and that they would not hesitate to buy my first book, when I get it published.

I have taken the time to research your submission requirements and I am submitting for your review a cover letter, 3 sample chapters of my work, and the web address of my blog so that you can review my work. I understand that you cannot return any of my work without a prepaid and self addressed envelope.

My hope is that once you review my work, you will contact me to forward you my entire manuscript. I must apologize in advance because I do not have any published work to send you, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere..Right?

Dear Potential Author:

Our office is inundated with submissions to be reviewed. We regret to inform you that we will not be interested in your work at this time. It’s unfortunate that we can’t give each submission our full attention; however I’m sure you will find an advocate for your work at another agency. Thanks again for thinking of us, and keep up the good work.


It’s a very competitive business and extremely difficult to break into. I read the other day that only about 3 out of every 10,000 manuscripts get published and only a fraction of those make any real profit.

I think you will be able to increase your odds of becoming a published author by first exposing your work to as many potential readers as possible. This is relatively easy to do with a blog or web site. However, I believe that to really differentiate your work from the other 130 million bloggers and free authors out there, it is important to show a “paid readership”. In other words, market and sell your work to willing buyers and then approach a potential publisher with those numbers and statistics. Sales statistics are tangible and meaningful. If your work can generate proven sales, you can make a much better case for a potential publisher to “invest” in you.

My new website: is designed to help expose, market, and sell the work of promising new authors and artists. You simply list your work with us and determine the sale price of your work. We take care of the rest and send you a check for your commission. There is no risk and only a minimum amount of cost to get started.

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I read a statistic the other day that there are over 130 million blogs on the internet with over a million more added every day. I can’t say that I’ve read all then blogs or even a large percentage of them, but I have read quote a few. I can tell you from firsthand experience that most of the blogs out there are crap. People with no writing skills go on and on about topics that no other human but themselves are interested. It’s the literary equivalent of showing the rest of the world pictures of your grand kids.

That being said, there are a great many excellent blogs out there. They are well thought out, entertaining, educational, and masterfully written. The authors have undoubtedly spent untold hours behind their key boards producing top quality materials. The amazing thing is, they all do it for free. With much of the work easily surpassing half of the published books out there, these talented authors go uncompensated.

Many of the promising writers have tried to get their work recognized and published using traditional methods, only to find that it is a narrow road. It seems that unless you know someone, slept with someone, or have dirt on someone you potential best seller is doomed from the start.

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New Authors And Artists-Overview


So many prospective writers have a story to tell, a poem to express, or a concept for a screenplay for a future movie. They may never find an outlet for their work through traditional publishing methods.

It seems today that unless you are already a published author, a celebrity, or have some dirt on someone, there are just too many barriers to getting your work published. Of course you can attend seminars, solicit agents, and even submit your work directly to the big publishing houses, but the deck is stacked against you.

New Authors and Artists, offers an alternative to the cost and obstacles that prevent many first time authors from publishing their work. We take most of the risk and cost out of selling your material and you retain the rights to all of your work.  Best of all you receive the lion’s share of any revenue that your work generates based on a pre determined fee schedule. It costs you almost nothing to get started and we do all the work. You can discontinue the service at any time with a 60 day notice.

We specialize in e-books, but can also market hard cover, as well as soft cover books, and videos. This site will be a good outlet to show off your work and make some spare money. You set the price for your material and New Authors And Artists charges a small registration fee upfront and a small commission fee for each sale.

Once your work is out on the internet, you never know who might see it and what opportunities may arise.

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